Jun 132012

Animaniacs was the Cartoon I watched every Saturday Morning with my Cereal, well lately for some reason this series been floating around my mind A LOT, and one of the questions I thought, “If I were an Animaniac Character, which one I would I be?” Sure enough I found this Quiz 😛 here’s my results:

Which Animaniacs Character are You?
The Brain

You have megalomaniacal impulses regularly. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however, as you have the cranial capacity of a small planet. Trying to take over the world is hard work, though, and you’re not above exploiting your lessers. Even now, you have a plan that’s being enacted which will pitch the world’s economy into turmoil, leaving the floodgates of trade exposed for the sole owner of stock in the Pets.com � company! You are en route to taking over the world!
Oh, and you ARE pondering what I’m pondering.

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