Life is like a video game, just that there’s no reset button.

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Dillon Flueck

Hi, I’m Dillon Flueck, and I am the creator and owner of GameSquire: The Wonderful World of Gaming, a Fan Video Game Website. I have created GameSquire: The Wonderful World of Gaming to help other gamers to find truthful information about……… Video Games (it’s that obvious right?). Doesn’t matter if it is a cheat, code, or what to do in a certain part of a game and so on. Gaming is my passion, I want to know EVERYTHING about them, I can’t get enough of it, I even sleep with a controller in my hand, (geez that’s sounds rather bad :P).

I’m also a IIN Grad (as of July 2016), and a StarGate SG1 Fan. Check out my About Page to find all the social media sites I am on, and projects I am involved in.

GameSquire: The Wonderful World of Gaming
The Health Druid


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